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Virus Infected PC 3

Alternative solution 3:
Use the data of a removable device with a Shortcut Virus infect computer

This will make visible your files and folders. But at the same time it neutralize a Windows security setting which prevent from being removing or renaming of “Protected Operating System Files” by users.

If you don’t have any other option to recover your data you can try this in your own risk (being more careful will eliminate the risk completely).

  1. Open your removable device as usual from My Computer.
  2. Check the tool bar on top of the window to follow the path mentioned below,
    • Windows XP:

      Tools – Folder option – View

    • Windows 7:

      Organize – Folder and search option – View

    • Windows 8:

      View – Options – Change folder and search options – View

  3. Remove the tick on

    Hide protected operating system files.

  4. Click


    (Remember to reset this setting immediately when you finish the recovering process, because it may harmful to your system)
    Now you will see your all files and folders in your Removable disk.
    You can use them as usual. But remember to not to do any change in your system drive (the drive where Windows is installed or usually C: drive).
    Because the setting you change, make visible the hidden system files and if it happen any change on those files it will badly affect to Windows operating system.

    Steps to recover the data

  5. Create a new folder in your hard disk, in any place.
  6. Copy everything from your removable disk to new folder and also copy the Shortcut Virus Remover.
  7. Run the Shortcut Virus Remover in the new folder.
    It will reset your data to normal. Shortcut Virus will not affect on it.

Now reset the setting you changed,

Hide protected operating system files.