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Virus Infected PC 2

Alternative solution 2:
Use the data of a removable device with a Shortcut Virus infect computer

In Windows, default file exploring application is Windows Explorer. Using it we can’t find our data in removable devices. That is the effect of the Shortcut Virus. As the solution I suggest to use a 3rd party application which facilitate to explore the windows file system.

WinRAR is a well-known application which we can use for this purpose. It uses to compress the data. But before to that WinRAR facilitates to explore the windows file system to select files and folders. If you open your removable device using WinRAR, you will see your hidden files and folders. I have tested WinRAR and it is working. Easy to use and can use freely.

WinRAR Download

There are many other free applications can use for this purpose, but I haven’t tested.