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Shortcut Virus Remover is not working

Shortcut Virus Remover is not working

I think this means, shortcuts are not removed and your files are still hidden. But my answer is if you have used Shortcut Virus Remover correctly this won’t happen. I'm telling that very confidently because I have used it more than thousand times to different devices in different windows operating systems. There is no any error in this application.

Anyway, now if you are in this situation check below steps,

  1. Did you download the Shortcut Virus Remover? It looks like this.

  2. Did you download it directly to your removable device, or to you PC?
  3. If it is in your PC you need to move it to your removable device.

  4. Did you place Shortcut Virus Remover in Root Folder of your removable device?
  5. Root folder means: –
    Open my computer
    Open your removable drive
    Now, you should see the Shortcut Virus Remover (this is the Root Folder).

    If you have placed it in any other folder place it in to Root Folder.

  6. Did you run the application (double click to open)?
  7. A small window should open, completely a light blue screen.
    Then it will ask your permission to repair your USB drive by pressing a key.

  8. Did you conform it by pressing any key?

That's all you need to do. These are the steps to remove Shortcut Virus from a USB drive with the Shortcut Virus Remover.

I suggest you to try it again.