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How to remove shortcut virus from a PC

How to remove the Shortcut Virus from a PC?

Shortcut Virus appears in different forms in different computers. Because of that this method may not work in every computer. However this is the most reliable at the moment.

Follow the steps. Good luck.

  1. Stop the processes of “Shortcut Virus”
    1. Open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc).
    2. Go to “Process” tab and look for the process “Wscript.exe”.
    3. Now Right Click on “Wscript.exe” and select “End Task”.

  2. Remove Shortcut Virus from Registry
    1. Open “run” - (Windows key + R).
    2. Type “regedit” and press “Enter”.
    3. Navigate to
    4. Normally only “(Default)” key should be there.
    5. If Shortcut Virus is available then it will appear as “odwcamszas.exe”, “WXCKYz”, or “OUzzckky”. Delete it.
    6. Delete any unusual keys or extension end with .vbs, .ini, .lnk, or .exe.

  3. Remove Shortcut Virus from Startup
    1. Open “run” - (Windows key + R).
    2. Type “msconfig” and press “Enter”.
    3. In “Startup” tab uncheck everything except your antivirus.
    4. Click “OK”.

  4. Remove Shortcut Virus from Temporary Files
    1. Open “run” - (Windows key + R).
    2. Type “%temp%” and hit Enter. Now temp folder will be open.
    3. Delete everything inside (Don’t worry, its safe!).
    4. Restart the computer.

  5. Install a Virus Remover
  6. If you need a double guarantee, you can download and install a reliable Virus Remover.