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Name : Shortcut Virus Remover
Type : Portable Application
License : Freeware
Price : $0.00
OS : MS-Dos/ All Windows Versions
Size : 4 KB

Shortcut Virus Remover affects on shortcuts and system files, because of that don't use it in internal hard disk.

For Internal Hard Disk, use an antivirus protection (Antivirus Software, Spyware…). If your PC is already infected, after that most of the time Antivirus Software may not useful. Call a virus removal service.

Shortcut Virus Remover is recommended to use any kind of external storage device, Flash Drives, External/ Portable Hard Disks, SD Cards, I-Pods…
Download Shortcut Virus Remover directly your external storage device.
Default file name is ShortcutVirusRemover.bat If you change it, Shortcut Virus Remover will not work.

Shortcut Virus Remover Download