Shortcut Virus Remover

The Problem

When my flash driver was full of files, I had to face some problem with that. Even though I tried to open those files & they didn’t open (Nothing happen by double click). All they were different looking. Files and Folders were looked like shortcuts. With the same name, but icons were like shortcuts.

It was a virus attack. Everybody had known it as Shortcut Virus. After doing some exercises I found a simple solution such as data recovery software. Finally I could recover all my data back and it removed all shortcuts.

The Solution

Are you suffering with this same problem, in your flash drive, external hard disk, or any other USB storage device? (This can happen to any USB storage device) Then follow me. I have the solution. A secure data recovery software.

There are many other methods to overcome this and I also tried them. But most of them were difficult to use and not efficient. However after studding those methods I developed a method to overcome it efficiently and effectively. It is Shortcut Virus Remover, very simple application. When you face this problem anywhere, anytime, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Download the Shortcut Virus Remover to your USB storage device
  2. Double click (Run the application)

Shortcut Virus Remover

When you face this situation, the best way to recover your lost data is MS Dos. Typing some commands in Command Prompt is the best secure way to recover your data. But it makes difficult when it start to happen again and again, because we don’t familiar with MS Dos and many people doesn’t know how to work with MS Dos.

Shortcut Virus Remover is developed to overcome those problems with unbelievable characteristics.

  • Very simple and easy to use
    Every time when shortcuts appear in your removable device, simply download and double click (run). All your data will be back. Shortcuts will remove. No setups. No installations.

  • 100% Free (0.00 UDS)
    It is free to download, free to use. 100% Free data recovery tool. No payments, no registrations, no agreements.

  • It is only 4KB
    Have you seen, have you heard any software less than 10 KB? Believe me, this remover is only 4 KB. Will download in less than 1 second.

  • It will never damage from virus attacks
    This problem occurred because of a virus. Normally most of attacks consequent software damages. Because of that if you have any antivirus software in your flash drive, it will useless after an attack. But this remover is not a traditional computer software. It is a batch file and has developed using a very primary language. Because of that there is no space to damage. You can keep it forever. Only one download forever.

  • Not only for flash drive data recovery
    This MS-DOS program can use not only for flash drive data recovery, it can use also to external hard disk recovery. Actually for any kind of portable storage. But not for internal hard disks. You can use it as an emergency portable data recovery specialist, a SecurityApplication.

  • Compatible with any Windows version
    It is MS Dos based computer software and will run on any windows operating system. Windows 98, XP, Vista, 7 and also 8.

Shortcut Virus Remover

Download link

Very Important

This remover affects on .lnk files, because of that don't use it in internal hard disk (download it directly to your Flash Drive). For Hard Disk, use an antivirus software.
Don’t rename it at download. It will run only with its real name shortcutvirusremover.bat.

Published by Eranda Gunathilaka.
15 December 2011.
Updated on 15 April 2014